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Rental Instrument Program

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Our goal is to provide you with the best instrument rental experience possible.  We do not rent inexpensive instruments.  After an instrument is chosen, it goes through a rigorous setup and adjustment by certified luthiers in our shop.  Proper setup makes the learning process easier, and prevents unnecessary frustration caused by inferior equipment.  High quality strings improve pitch center, thus improving the student’s ability to play in tune.  As the student grows, instrument size changes are needed.  We offer outfit exchanges without fees.   For your convenience, we pick up and deliver to the school orchestra programs in Knoxville, Maryville, Oak Ridge, and the Tri-Cities area on a regular basis.  Delivery and pickups may be scheduled for individuals and teachers in the Tri-Cities by appointment.  We aim to make Wilhite Strings work for you! 

Outfit and Free Supplies

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We want to offer you the best quality and value available during your relationship with Wilhite Strings.

Each Rental Outfit comes with the instrument, bow, and case.  In addition, we provide a Free Supply Package valued over $50.00.  This package includes:  Method Book, Music Stand, Rosin, Polishing Cloth, Music Folder, Shoulder Rest for Violin and Viola, and a Rockstop for Cellos and Basses.  

Rental Instrument Maintenance

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Repairs and adjustments of our instruments are done in house.  We do not ship out of state or to 3rd parties for repairs.  Our regular school pickup and delivery service enables us to service our instruments in a timely manner.  All maintenance of Wilhite Strings instruments will be performed by Wilhite Strings only.  Occasionally strings wear out, wooden parts wear down, and changes in temperature/humidity cause changes to your instrument. Accidents do happen.  They must be repaired or adjusted with special tools and special training.  If we do the repairs or adjustments, there is no charge to you.  If an instrument is stolen, you will not be charged, provided you supply Wilhite Strings with a police report within 7 days.

Rental Instrument Rates

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Pay a full year in advance and get 3 Months Free

Violin/Viola  -  $21.97/month or $197.73/Year*

Cello  -  $38.44/month or $345.96/Year*

Bass  -  $54.92/month or $494.28/Year*

*Sales Tax not included.  Monthly Rentals require a one-month non-refundable down payment at the time of rental, followed by monthly automatic payments.

Rental Program Highlights

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Free Starter Supplies with every Rental Outfit

Earn rental credit towards purchase

Flexible Payment Options 

Maintenance included

Rental Instrument Credit

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We offer rental credit that may be applied towards the purchase of an instrument from Wilhite Strings.  Our program is a rent-to-rent program with an earned rental credit.  It is not a rent-to own program.  During the first twelve rental months we will apply 100% of your rental payments to your rental credit.  After the first twelve months your payments will continue to accrue at 50% up to the full value of your rental instrument.  Rental Credit may be applied to the purchase of any one instrument in our shop.  This includes new sale instruments, as well as your rental.

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