Rental Terms & Conditions


1. Contract & Payment: 

Wilhite Strings agrees to rent an instrument at the current specified rate for each instrument payable on the start date of the Rental Agreement.  A minimum of one (1) month rental is due and payable upon the execution of the lease.  This payment is non refundable.  Recurring monthly payments will be charged in advance to the supplied credit/debit card until the instrument is returned.  If opting to pay by the year, the annual rental fee shall be 9 times the monthly amount. 


2. Lessee understands that this lease is NOT a sales contract and that the title to the rental instrument remains with the Lessor, Wilhite Strings.


3. Maintenance Agreement: 

This Maintenance Agreement covers the adjustment and cost of repairing the rental instrument during the term of the lease.  Covered repairs include damage due to normal wear and tear, accidents, and replacement due to loss or theft.  Intentional damage, or damage caused by abuse or misuse of the instrument is not covered.  The Agreement is subject to the following conditions and limitations:

    1. All maintenance of Wilhite Strings instruments must be performed by Wilhite Strings.  Do not attempt to do repairs to your instrument.  They must be repaired/adjusted with special tools and special training.  If we do the repairs/adjustments, there is no charge to you.  If you damage an instrument by trying to work on it, you agree to be charged for any repair costs.  
    2. The Rental instrument is protected only under the terms of this Agreement and only if all rental fees and late fees are current and paid in full.  
    3. If an instrument is lost or stolen, Wilhite Strings will hold the Lessee harmless provided that a Copy of a filed police report is forwarded to Wilhite Strings within seven (7) days.


4. Rental Credit: 

100% of the first 12 months’ rent and 50% thereafter may be applied toward the purchase of a retail instrument, subject to the following conditions.

    1. Rental Credit may not be combined with trade-in credit or promotional discounts.
    2. Rental credit is non-transferable and non-refundable.
    3. Rental credit from multiple contracts may not be combined, even if the contracts are within a family, individual, or account.
    4. Rental credit must be used within one (1) year of cessation of the contract.  Unused rental credit will be forfeited after that time.
    5. Rental credit may not be used to pay for past-due rent, or fees and costs associated with delinquency or repair.
    6. Sales Tax is not included in rental credit accumulation.
    7. Rental Credit may only be used if the account is in good standing, meaning paid current. 


5. Exchanges: 

You may exchange the rental instrument for a different size at any time.  It is best to call for an appointment and confirm availability before you come in.


6. Returns: 

Our Contract opens with a required one-month participation.  While you may return an instrument at any time, the initial one-month rental is non-refundable.  You may return the rental instrument to our store, or you may call or email to arrange a pickup from your school program.  Your Contract remains active, and rental fees will continue to be charged until the instrument is physically received by Wilhite Strings.  


7. Billing Terms: 

You agree to provide Wilhite Strings a valid credit card number to which all monthly rental fees will be charged for the duration of the contract until the instrument is returned.  Wilhite Strings reserves the right to charge rent with the payment method on file any time during the calendar month of the payment due date.  Monthly rental fees are charged in advance and no refunds are issued for early returns within the first one month.


8. Change of Contact/Credit Card Information: 

In the event there are changes to your address, phone number, email, or credit card(s) on file, you agree to contact Wilhite Strings within 10 days with the new information.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of this Contract, forfeiture of all rental credit, and possible fees associated with any unpaid debts that are incurred.  


9. Delinquency: 

You will be liable for all rental fees, including a 10% late fees on balances over 15 days past due.  If payment is more than ninety (90) days overdue, this contract shall be in default and any accumulated rental credit forfeited.  The account will be submitted to a collection agency for the past due balance plus the value of the instrument.  In the event of default, Wilhite Strings may take possession of the rental instrument wherever the same may be found, without notice to the lessee, without liability to the lessor, and without prejudice to any legal remedies of Wilhite Strings.  In event of default, lessee shall pay any and all legal expenses including reasonable attorney fees and costs.  Any action at law, suit in equity, or judicial proceeding for the enforcement of this contract or any provision thereof shall be instituted only in the state of Tennessee, County of Knox.  

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